AI search algorithms (pseudo code)

Master AI search algorithms using pseudocode in our comprehensive course. Learn Breadth-First Search, Depth-First Search, A* algorithm, and more for problem-solving and optimization.It's best to do this in the early stages of the design.

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Live Class: Friday, 08 Dec

Duration: 18 Hours

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About Course

Delve into the world of AI Search Algorithms through this comprehensive course focusing on theoretical understanding and practical implementation using pseudocode. Learn various search techniques such as Breadth-First Search, Depth-First Search, A* algorithm, and more. Explore their applications in solving problems, navigating graphs, and optimizing paths. Gain a strong foundation in AI search algorithms, allowing you to apply these concepts in various domains.Pseudo code acts as a bridge between plain English and programming code, making it easy for humans to interpret.

Skills You Will Gain

Understanding Search Algorithms Breadth-First Search (BFS) Depth-First Search (DFS) Uniform Cost Search (UCS) Greedy Best-First Search Optimization Techniques in Search

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