• Object Oriented Programming in Java

Introduction to Java and Java programming Environment. Object Oriented Programming /OOP Concepts Fundamental Programming Structure - Data Types, variable, Type casting Arrays, Operators and their precedence. Control Flow: Java’s Selection statements (if, switch, iteration, statement, while, do-while, for, Nested loop) Concept of Objects and Classes, building your own classes, constructor overloading, static , final, this keyword Inheritance: Using Super to Call Super class constructor, Method overriding, dynamic method Dispatch Abstract Classes, Using final with inheritance. The Object Class. Packages & Interfaces: Packages, Access Protection, Importing package, Interface, Implementing Interfaces, variables in Interfaces, Interfaces can be extended. Exception Handling: Fundamentals, Types Checked , Unchecked exceptions, Using try & catch, Multiple catch, throw , throws, finally, Java’s Built in exceptions, user defined exception. Multi-Threading: Java Thread Model, Thread Priorities, Synchronization, Creating a thread, Creating Multiple threads,

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