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Data structure & Algorithm Course Objectives:- Understand the ‘data structure Know the classifications of data structures, i.e., linear and non-linear understand the basic operations on linear and non- linear data structures; Explain the memory representation of all types of data structures Explain how to implement the all kinds of data structures. Demonstrate familiarity with major algorithms and data structures Analyse performance of algorithms. Determine which algorithm or data structure to use in different scenarios. Be familiar with writing recursive methods Course To Cover- Using Language C/C++:- Introduction:- Basic Terminology, Elementary Data Organization, Algorithm, Efficiency of an Algorithm, Time and Space Complexity, Asymptotic notations:- Big-Oh, Time-Space trade-off. Application of arrays, Linked lists: -Array Implementation and Dynamic Implementation of Singly Linked Lists, Operations on a Linked List. Insertion, Deletion, Traversal Stacks: Implementation of Stack in C ,Stack operations: Push & Pop, Array and Linked Recursion, Tower of Hanoi Problem, Simulating Recursion, Principles of recursion Queues, implementation of queues in C , Operations on Queue: Create, Add, Delete, Full and Empty Trees: Basic terminology, Binary Trees, Binary Tree Representation:, Complete Binary Tree, Array and Linked Representation of Binary trees, Tree Traversal algorithms: Inorder, Preorder and Postorder, Threaded Binary trees, Searching : Sequential search, Binary Search, Comparison and Analysis Internal Sorting: Insertion Sort, Quick Sort, Heap Sort, Search Trees: Binary Search Trees(BST), Insertion and Deletion in BST, Complexity of Search Algorithm, B Trees & B+ Trees, Hashing: Hash Function, Collision Resolution Strategies ,Storage Management: Garbage Collection and Compaction. Graphs: Sequential and linked Representations of Graphs, Graph Traversal : Depth First Search and Breadth First Search

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