Azure Cloud Developer

Duration: 24 Hours

About Course

The objective of the course is to provide guidelines to a developer, who is or want to be a part of the Cloud application. The course articulates a methodology that the implementation team needs to follow in a step-by-step manner and adapt them to fulfill the requirements for enablement of the Cloud Native application.

The course is intended for anyone looking for a career in Cloud technology. All aspiring working professionals who want to switch their career in Cloud Technology. While no prior knowledge of Azure or related technologies is assumed, it will be helpful to have some .Net programming experience.

  •  Learn architectural pillars for developing cloud-oriented apps such as High Security, scalability,
      resiliency, and Efficiency
  •  Strategy for transitioning on-prem to cloud migration
  •  Understand services used to design apps such as compute storage and networking
  •  Design and develop a web application and host it on the cloud

Topics - covered in the course

•  Introduction
•  What is cloud computing
•  Benefits
•  Compliance terms and requirements
•  Economies of scale
•  Capital expenditure (CapEx) versus operational expenditure (OpEx)
•  Cloud deployment models
•  Types of cloud services
•  Knowledge Check
•  Summary

•  Introduction
•  What is Azure
•  Tour of Azure services
•  Exercise - Create a website hosted in Azure
•  Exercise - Configure an App Service
•  Exercise - Access an App Service using Azure Cloud Shell
•  Knowledge Check
•  Summary

•  Introduction
•  Create an Azure account
•  Exercise - Create an Azure account
•  Understand Azure billing
•  Azure support options
•  Knowledge check
•  Summary

•  Introduction
•  Understand Datacentres and Regions in Azure
•  Understand Geographies in Azure
•  Understand Availability Zones in Azure
•  Understand Region Pairs in Azure
•  Understand Service-Level Agreements for Azure
•  Compose SLAs across services
•  Improve your app reliability in Azure
•  Summary

•  Introduction
•  Azure management options
•  Navigate the portal
•  Exercise - Work with panes
•  Exercise - Use the Azure portal
•  Azure Portal dashboards
•  Exercise - Customize the dashboard
•  Access public and private preview features
•  Summary

•  Introduction
•  Essential Azure compute concepts
•  Explore Azure Virtual Machines
•  Explore Containers in Azure
•  Explore Azure App Service
•  Explore Serverless computing in Azure
•  Summary

•  Introduction
•  Benefits of using Azure to store data
•  How Azure data storage can meet your business storage needs
•  Comparison between Azure data storage and on-premises storage
•  Knowledge check
•  Summary

•  Introduction
•  Deploy your site to Azure
•  Scale with Azure Load Balancer
•  Reduce latency with Azure Traffic Manager
•  Summary

•  Introduction
•  Cloud security is a shared responsibility
•  Get tips from Azure Security Centre
•  Identity and access
•  Encryption 8 min.
•  Overview of Azure certificates
•  Protect your network
•  Protect your shared documents
•  Azure Advanced Threat Protection
•  Understand Security Considerations for Application Lifecycle Management Solutions
•  Summary

•  Introduction
•  Principles of resource groups
•  Use tagging to organize resources
•  Use policies to enforce standards
•  Secure resources with role-based access control
•  Use resource locks to protect resources
•  Check your Knowledge
•  Summary

•  Introduction
•  Purchase Azure products and services
•  Factors affecting costs
•  Exercise - Estimate costs with the Azure pricing calculator
•  Exercise - Predict and optimize with Cost Management and Azure Advisor
•  Exercise - Estimate the Total Cost of Ownership with the Azure TCO calculator
•  Save on infrastructure costs 10 min. Save on licensing costs
•  Summary

  Prepare your development environment for Azure development
  ✔  Introduction
  ✔  Set up your development environment
  ✔  Exercise - Set up your development environment
  ✔  Summary
  Host a web application with Azure App service
  ✔  Introduction
  ✔  Create a web app in the Azure portal
  ✔  Exercise - Create a web app in the Azure porta.
  ✔  Exercise - Write code to implement a web application
  ✔  Deploy code to App Service
  ✔  Exercise - Deploy your code to App Service
  ✔  Summary
  Publish a web app to Azure with Visual Studio
  ✔  Introduction
  ✔  Install the necessary workload
  ✔  Exercise - Create a new ASP.NET Core app
  ✔  Explore the Azure App Service
  ✔  Exercise - Publish an ASP.NET app from Visual Studio
  ✔  Explore your Visual Studio App Project
  ✔  Exercise - Publish an update to your site
  ✔  Summary
  Stage a web app deployment for testing and rollback by using App Service
  ✔  Deployment slots
  ✔  Introduction
  ✔  Create deployment slots
  ✔  Exercise - Create deployment slots
  ✔  Deploy a web app by swapping deployment slots
  ✔  Exercise - Deploy a web app by using deployment slots
  ✔  Summary
  Scale an App Service web app to efficiently meet demand with App Service
  ✔  Scale Up and Scale Out
  ✔  Introduction
  ✔  Scale a web app manually
  ✔  Exercise - Scale a web app manually
  ✔  Scale up a web app
  ✔  Exercise - Scale up a web app
  ✔  Summary

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