Python Selenium Automation


Live Class: 31 Oct 2020

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Duration: 10 Hours

About Course

Test Automation can be done with the use of software application tools and special software that is different from the tool that the application has been developed.

Selenium works in the result-driven approach and it is more flexible and the generic answer for the career availability in Selenium is, deserving professionals are always in demand. Selenium provides the flexibility to integrate the test automation scripts with various other software applications like test execution tools.

Course shall cover Introduction to Selenium by explaining the concept and the technology behind it, different ways Selenium can be used, its advantages and limitations. Why Automation testing,working with WebDriver commands; knowing how to do it in Python. Course has multiple exercises which all consist in creating, editing, and enhancing Selenium scripts, as well as a final project.

Topics - covered in the course

Chapter 1

•  Introduction to Selenium
•  Why automation testing
•  Installing web driver & selenium IDE

•  Understanding HTML
•  What are locators and types of locators
•  First selenium code
•  Introduction to basic commands

•  Web driver commands
•  Web driver navigational commands
•  Web driver conditional commands
•  Navigating & refreshing page
•  Closing the browser
•  Capture screenshot

•  Implicit wait
•  Explicit wait

•  Working with input box / text box
•  Working with radio buttons & check boxes
•  Working with drop down boxes
•  Working with links
•  Handling alerts / popups
•  Handling mouse action (right click and left click)
•  How to upload files
•  How to download files

•  Working with excel using OpenPyXl module
•  Data driven testing using Microsoft excel

•  Web Scraping by using BeautifulSoup

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