Snowflake Data Cloud Engineer

Live Class: Saturday, 09 Jan. 2021

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Duration: 20 Hours

About Course

Snowflake Data Cloud Engineercourse covers advanced Data Movement, Performance, Security, Agile Development and Data Sharing design considerations and best practices in the Snowflake Cloud Data Platform. It enables you to build data-intensive applications without operational burden. Trusted by fast growing software companies, Snowflake handles all the infrastructure complexity, so you can focus on innovating your own application.

The data engineer’s role is changing quickly. As new tools and self-service data pipelines eliminate traditional tasks such as manually writing ETL code and cleaning data, companies are asking data engineers to provide guidance on data strategy and pipeline optimization.

Course shall be interactive with lecture, demos, and labs.

Topics - covered in the course

Snowflake Overview & Architecture

•  About Snowflake
•  How Snowflake is different
•  Different Snowflake Editions, Pricing & Regions
•  Snowflake Architecture (3 Layers – Storage, Compute, Services),

•  Creation of Snowflake Trial Account
•  Creating required users/roles/databases for hands On Lab
•  Walkthrough of Snowflake Web UI
•  SnowSQL (CLI)
•  Hands On Lab

•  Warehouses & Types
•   Warehouse Sizing & Scaling
•  Credit Usage
•   Warehouse Monitoring
•   Hands On Lab

•  Storage
    ➤  Micro Partitions
    ➤  Data Storages – Cost & Retention
    ➤  Table Types
    ➤  Storage Monitoring
•  Continuous Data Protection
    ➤  Time Travel
    ➤  Fail Safe
    ➤  Zero Copy Cloning
    ➤  Hands On Lab

•  Data Loading
    ➤  Stages, file format
    ➤  Bulk load using COPY
    ➤  Continuous Load Options – Snowpipe
    ➤  Hands On Lab
•  Data Unloading
    ➤  Unloading data from Snowflake to Internal Snowflake Storage
    ➤  Unloading data from Snowflake to local / Network Drive
    ➤  Unloading data from Snowflake to external cloud storage (AWS S3)
    ➤  Hands On Lab

•  Working with Semi Structure data in Snowflake
•   Different Formats, Variant Table Type
•  Native Syntax, Flattening Data
•   Hands On Lab

•  Clustering
•   Caching

•  Account Management
    ➤  Managing your snowflake account
    ➤  Warehouse & Storage Credit Usage
    ➤  Account Usage Schema
    ➤  Information Schema
•  Continuous Security
    ➤  Role based Access Control
    ➤  Privilege Inheritance
    ➤  Multi Factor Authentication (MFA)
    ➤  Network Policies

•  Secure Data Sharing
•   Creating and Managing Shares
•  Providers, Consumers & Reader Accounts
•   Hands On Lab

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Yogesh Agrawal

10+ years of experience in Business Intelligence domain with core experience in design and implementation of Data Warehousing and Data Integration Solutions.

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