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Live Class: Wednesday, 23 Dec. 2020

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About Course

A Full-stack .NET Developer has the functional knowledge and the ability to work on all aspects involved in building an application. He is proficient in. Writing optimized front-end code in HTML, CSS, Java, JavaScript, Ajax, bootstrap jquery.and writing backend code in Web API,refactoring, Entity Framework Code First, C#.NET MVC.

If we research the current trend, demand of Full Stack Developer in .NET is on high rise. To become one, career aspirants needs to know much more than a specific programming language or a framework.

The Full Stack Developer is the new Buzz in the Industry. For any niche things, the one who comes and conquer first will have the edge.

Topics - covered in the course

Module 1: C Sharp Fundamentals

I) Introduction to DotNet FrameWork
•  History and origin
•  Comparison
•  Why DotNet
II) The Tools
•  Intro to Visual Studio
•  Installations – Visual Studio, Sql Server
III) DataTypes
•  Primitive Types
•  String
•  Custom Types
•  Complex Types
IV) Loops
V) Arrays
VI) Array Lists
•  Boxing and Unboxing
•  Pros and Cons of Array Lists
•  Alternative to Array Lists
VII) OOPS Concepts
•  Methods (Attributes, access modifier types, return type, parameter types)
•  Classes
•  Inheritance
•  Polymorphism
•  Interfaces
•  Partial Classes
•  Encapsulation
•  Abstract Class
VIII) Generics (Stack, Queue, List, Dictionary, Custom Generic classes and methods)
IX) Entities / Custom Types
X) Enum
XI) Delegates
XII) Threading
XIII) Anonymous types
XIV) Variance and CoVariance

1. How to create an MVC application
2. Controllers, Views, Models
3. Using Entity framework to access data in MVC
4. Action Link and its various uses
5. Working with Multiple Tables in MVC
6. Using business objects as models in MVC
7. Creating a view to insert data
8. Form Collection
9. Update model and try update model
10. Editing a model in MVC
11. Updating data in MVC, unintended updates and how to avoid
12. Include and exclude properties fro model binding
13. Get request and post request.
14. Insert, Update, Delete using entity framework
15. Customizing the index view
16. Customizing the create view
17. Customizing the edit view
18. Data transfer object and model
19. View Engines
20. Helpers in MVC
21. Dropdown list control in MVC
22. HTML Text Box and HTML Text box
23. Radio Button List
24. Checkbox list
25. List Box
26. Attributes like display name, display format, scaffold column
27. Data type and display column attributes
28. Opening a page in new browser window
29. Hidden input and read only attributes
30. Display and edit templated helpers
31. Customize display and edit templates
32. Displaying images
33. Custom HTML helpers
34. HTML encoding
35. Editor Templates
36. Filters

1. JQuery in MVC View
2. Ajax calls in MVC
3. Bootstrap with MVC views

1) Structured Query Language
2) RDBMS Concepts
3) Database Options
4) DDL (create, alter, drop)
5) DML(select, update, insert, delete)
6) Operators
7) Expressions
8) Complex queries
9) Sql Datatypes
10) SqlAdvanced
11) Constraints
12) Joins
13) Unions
14) Alias
15) Indexes
16) Views
17) Transactions
18) Date Functions
19) Temporary Tables
20) Clones, Subqueries, Using, Duplicates, Injection
21) Stored Procedures

Basics of client side scripting with HTML and CSS with a special focus on bootstrap in MVC.

1) Sample hosting in Azure and in Godaddy.
2) Publish profiles
3) Linking database to application
4) Scaling
5) Containers/blobs

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When I am not coding or teaching, you may find me reading, trekking or trading in the stock market. I have a passion for teaching and have been at it for more than 12 years now.

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