Live Mindfulness Yoga

This live online training from our master yoga teacher sets you on a compassionate lifelong skill. Every step and bend is monitored so you don't make mistakes. Yoga needs to be learnt live or chances are you could be learning it wrong. A 5-day workshop is the best opportunity to learn a lifelong ski

Live Class: Monday, 01 Aug

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Duration: 5 Hours

Offered by: infyni

About Course

This mindfulness workshop is live and online, taught directly by an expert yoga instructor. Having a live training is very important. You dont want want to be twisting and bending in wrong poses that can cause damage. This is why pre-recorded sessions are not recommended. By the end of this workshop you will know how to cultivate awareness, and be able to return to it again and again.

You will be able to pay attention to what is occurring in the present. You will simply observe your thoughts, feelings and sensations as they arise. You will develop an attitude that is non-judgemental but kind and curious.

This practice is for everyone, but who you do it with is important. Lets clear a few misconceptions about mindfulness :

  1. Mindfulness is not relaxation.  During practice, you will most likely experience unrest and have unpleasant thoughts.
  2. Not a quick fix. What we want to change are patterns that must have developed over long time (dysfunctional relationships, anxious thinking, etc.). It requires serious time and effort.
  3. Mindfulness is not a panacea. It cannot fix everything wrong in your life.

Join us as we take you on a very fulfilling journey with our master yogi Madhu Pandit. You will be guided through every step, all your fears addressed and gently led through this process. Live and online means we bring you the experts to your home, at your convenience unlike pre-recorded online sessions without an instructor around.

Take a free class and see for yourself, if you are intent on it. 

Skills You Will Gain

Imagination & creativity Communication & confidence Self-care skills

Course Offerings

  • Instructor Led Live sessions
  • Clarify doubts during session
  • Access Session Recordings
  • Attend on mobile and Tablet
  • Direct Messages
  • Feedback from Instructor
  • Full lifetime Resources
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Topics
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