Intermediate Java with Spring Boot & Kafka (NRIVA) II

This virtual training is live and online. Everything you need to develop an event-driven microservices architecture using Spring boot and Kafka. Not pre-recorded sessions you are coached by software developers from the industry training you through live projects, making you work on real challenges.

Live Class: Monday, 08 Aug

Enrolled: 63

Duration: 50 Hours

Offered by: infyni


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About Course

Building small, self-contained, ready to run applications can bring great flexibility and added resilience to your code.

Microservices are a modern approach to software where application code is delivered in small, manageable pieces, independent of others. Spring Boot’s many purpose-built features make it easy to build and run your microservices in production at scale, which is why it is the best choice.

One very important decision you will make when building a microservice architecture is whether to have the services communicate directly with one another or to use a broker system. 

Join us to learn live from experienced trainers.

Skills You Will Gain


Course Offerings

  • Instructor-led interactive classes
  • Clarify your doubts during class
  • Access recordings of the class
  • Attend on mobile or tablet
  • Live projects to practice
  • Case studies to learn from
  • Lifetime mentorship support
  • Industry specific curriculum
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Employability Opportunity
  • Topics
  • Instructor
  • Class
  • Object
  • Constructors
  • Interfaces
  • Abstraction
  • Encapsulation
  • Polymorphism with types(overloading and overriding)
  • method signature
  • Inheritance type
  • single(practical)
  • multiple(practical)
  • multilevel(practical)
  • hybrid(practical)
  • Exception
  • try-catch
  • throw, throws
  • finally
  • custom checked exception
  • custom unchecked exception
  • Propagation of exception with respect to inheritance
  • Array List
  • LinkedList
  • Vector
  • HashSet
  • Linked Set
  • Tree Set
  • HashMap
  • Linked HashMap
  • Tree Map
  • Hash Table
  • Equals and hash Code
  • collisions
  • Comparator (predefined datatype and custom classes)
  • Comparable (predefined datatype and custom classes)
  • Maven Setup
  • Project understanding
  • Inversion of control (IOC)
  • Dependency Injection with types (SI and CI)
  • Auto wire with types(byname,bytype,byconstructor,none)
  • @Controller
  • @RestController
  • @ModelAttribute
  • @Value
  • @PathVaribles
  • @RequestParam
  • @RequestBody
  • @RequestHeader
  • POST
  • PUT
  • GET
  • Creation of Entity
  • @Entity
  • @Table
  • @Generator
  • @Column
  • @NotNull
  • @NotEmpty
  • one to one

  • one to many
  • many to many

  • Ways of creations
  • Project understanding
  • Structurization of project
  • Spring data with JPA
  • Creating MVC flow. (Spring data with Rest)
  • Database connectivity
  • Email Sending
  • Banner generatorConfiguring all error pages
  • Disabling white label error
  • Communication of two microservice using rest Template.
  • sign in
  • Signup
  • forget password
  • reset password
  • Sending mail for activation account
  • Deactivate Account Showing all Info
  • Introduction
  • setup
  • Broker
  • Topic
  • Partition
  • Spring boot with Kafka
  • Producer
  • Consumer
  • KafkaTemplate

Vijay Rathor
About Instructor

I have more than 8 yrs experience training personnel at multinationals in Java 8, Spring, Spring Boot, Spring with JPA, Hibernate, web services, RDBMS (Oracle, Mysql), MongoDb (NoSql), HTML, Bootstrap, Jquery, & Ajax. My training has largely been online. I ensure there is project assistance, interview preparation, real time scenarios and mock interviews included in my coaching.









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