Foundation Course in English-2 (FEG-02)

This course enhance language proficiency, covering writing essentials, advanced techniques, varied styles, and specialized writing skills.

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Live Class: Saturday, 23 Mar

Duration: 24 Hours

Enrolled: 10

Offered by: IGNOU Guidance

Live Course

About Course

Designed for students enrolled in the IGNOU programme, specifically BCOMAF (Bachelor of Commerce - Accountancy and Finance) and BCA (First Semester), this comprehensive course aims to enhance English language proficiency and writing skills. The course is structured into four blocks, each covering distinct aspects of writing and communication.

Block 1: Writing Essentials

Unit 1: Writing Paragraph-1

This unit introduces the basics of constructing effective paragraphs, emphasizing clarity and coherence in written expression.

Unit 2: Writing Paragraph-2, The Development of a Paragraph

Building on the foundation laid in Unit 1, this unit explores the development of paragraphs, focusing on techniques to enhance depth and structure.

Unit 3: Writing a Composition

Students learn the essentials of composing a well-structured piece of writing, covering aspects of organization and coherence in composition.

Unit 4: Expository Composition

This unit delves into the nuances of expository writing, equipping students with the skills to communicate information clearly and concisely.

Unit 5: Note-taking 1

The art of effective note-taking is introduced, providing students with practical tools to extract and organize information from various sources.

Unit 6: Writing Reports-I, Reporting Events

Students develop skills in reporting events through written reports, honing their ability to convey information accurately and professionally.

Block 2: Advanced Writing Techniques

Unit 7: Argumentative Composition-1, Techniques of Argument

This unit explores the art of constructing persuasive arguments, focusing on techniques to articulate viewpoints effectively.

Unit 8: Argumentative Composition-1, Logical Presentation

Students learn the importance of logical presentation in argumentative writing, enhancing their ability to present ideas coherently.

Unit 9: Note-taking-2, Use of Tables and Diagrams

Building on note-taking skills, this unit introduces the effective use of tables and diagrams to enhance understanding and retention.

Unit 10: Writing Reports-2, Reporting Meetings and Speeches

Students delve into the intricacies of reporting meetings and speeches, developing proficiency in capturing key points and conveying them in a report format.

Unit 11: Writing Summaries-1

This unit focuses on the art of summarizing information, a crucial skill for condensing and presenting key points concisely.

Unit 12: Writing Summaries-2

Building on Unit 11, this unit further refines the skill of summarization, emphasizing precision and clarity.

Block 3: Varied Writing Styles

Unit 13: Writing Paragraphs-2

A reinforcement of paragraph writing skills, this unit ensures a deeper understanding and mastery of this foundational writing element.

Unit 14: Narrative Composition-1

Students explore the art of narrative writing, focusing on storytelling techniques and creating engaging compositions.

Unit 15: Narrative Composition-2

Building on Unit 14, this unit extends the exploration of narrative composition, refining skills in crafting compelling stories.

Unit 16: Writing Reports-3, Reporting Interviews

The intricacies of reporting interviews are covered in this unit, providing students with practical insights into accurately documenting spoken content.

Unit 17: Writing Reports-4, Reporting Surveys

Students learn the art of reporting survey findings, developing skills to present data and analysis in a clear and organized manner.

Unit 18: Writing Summaries-3

This unit further advances the skill of summarization, focusing on specific contexts and genres.

Block 4: Specialized Writing Techniques

Unit 19: Descriptive Composition-1, Describing Persons

Students explore the art of descriptive writing, focusing on portraying individuals with vivid and expressive language.

Unit 20: Descriptive Composition-2, Describing Places and Objects

Building on descriptive writing skills, this unit extends the exploration to places and objects, refining the ability to evoke vivid imagery.

Unit 21: Descriptive Composition-3, Describing Conditions and Processes

Students develop the skill of describing conditions and processes, honing their ability to convey complex information with clarity.

Unit 22: Note-taking-3

This unit further advances note-taking skills, emphasizing efficiency and adaptability to various contexts.

Unit 23: Writing Reports-5, Reporting Experiments

Students explore the intricacies of reporting scientific experiments, developing precision in conveying methodologies and outcomes.

Unit 24: Summing Up

The final unit consolidates learning, allowing students to reflect on and integrate the various writing skills acquired throughout the course.

This Foundation Course in English-2 serves as a valuable resource for students seeking to enhance their language and writing proficiency, equipping them with essential skills for academic and professional success.

Skills You Will Gain

Writing skills Descriptive writing Note-taking Language proficiency Communication skills Logical presentation Interview reporting

Course Offerings

  • Prepare You for the Examination
  • Assignment Preparation Guidance
  • Last Year Exam Questions Discussion
  • Study Learning Material (Soft Copy)
  • Provision of Notes if Required
  • Interactive Classes Led by Teachers
  • Clarification of Doubts During Class
  • Access Recordings of Live Classes
  • Accessible on all Devices
  • Community Based Discussion Forum
  • Topics
  • Instructor (1)
  • Unit 1 : Writing paragraph-1, Unit 2 : Writing paragraph-2, the development of a paragraph Unit 3 : Writing a composition Unit 4 : Expository composition Unit 5 : Note-taking 1 Unit 6 : Writing reports-I, reporting events
  • Unit 7 : Argumentative composition-1, techniques of argument Unit 8 : Argumentative composition-1, logical presentation Unit 9 : Note taking-2, use of tables and diagrams Unit 10 : Writing reports-2, reporting meetings and speeches Unit 11 : Writing summaries-1 Unit 12 : Writing summaries-2
  • Unit 13 : Writing paragraphs-2 Unit 14 : Narrative composition-1 Unit 15 : Narrative composition-2 Unit 16 : Writing reports-3, reporting interviews Unit 17 : Writing reports-4, reporting surveys Unit 18 : Writing summaries-3
  • Unit 19 : Descriptive composition-1, describing persons Unit 20 : Descriptive composition-2, describing places and objects Unit 21 : Descriptive composition-3, describing conditions and processes Unit 22 : Note-taking-3, Unit 23 : Writing reports-5, reporting experiments Unit 24 : Summing up
  • Discussion only

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