Hands on Gen AI with transformers and Diffusion Models

Explore advanced Generative AI using Transformers and Diffusion Models in our hands-on course. Learn to create high-quality content using these cutting-edge AI architectures, and how to combine existing building blocks to create new models and creative applications in different domains.

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Live Class: Saturday, 09 Dec

Duration: 20 Hours

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Offered by: infyni

Live Course
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About Course

Dive into the world of advanced Generative AI with our hands-on course focusing on Transformers and Diffusion Models. Explore the intricate architectures of these models, understand their mechanisms, and learn to leverage their power for generating high-quality, coherent content. Gain practical experience in implementing Transformers and Diffusion Models, enabling you to create text, images, and more. Join us to master the application and utilization of these cutting-edge AI models in various creative domains.Data scientists and software engineers will understand how state-of-the-art generative models work, how to fine-tune and adapt them to your needs.

Skills You Will Gain

Understanding Transformers and Diffusion Models Working Principles of Advanced Generative Models Implementation of Transformer Models Diffusion Models Application Text Generation with Transformers Image Generation with Diffusion Models

Course Offerings

  • Instructor-led interactive classes
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  • Attend on mobile or tablet
  • Live projects to practice
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