IGNOU: Environmental Studies (Course Code: BEVAE-181)

This comprehensive course is designed to provide a thorough understanding of environmental studies for IGNOU and other exams. By doing this, you will possess a well-rounded perspective on environment, to share your insights effectively. Also get the assignment solution & question papers.

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Live Class: Sunday, 10 Dec

Duration: 14 Hours

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Offered by: IGNOU Guidance

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Course Overview

Explore the intricate world of environmental studies! This course offers a comprehensive understanding of our environment, covering ecosystems, natural resources, environmental issues, and conservation practices. Gain insights into biodiversity, pollution, waste management, global environmental concerns, and ethical practices for a sustainable future. Dive into legislation, community-environment relationships, and ethical considerations.

Who Should Take This Course:

-Students enrolled in IGNOU programs such as BAG, BSCG, BCOMG, or BAJDM requiring the Environment Science course (Course Code: BEVAE-181).

-Individuals passionate about environmental studies

-Professionals working in environmental care and land planning industries

-Those intrigued by environment-related subjects

-Individuals with a genuine interest and appreciation for Our Environment.

Enroll now to gain a profound understanding of environmental Studies, empowering yourself to advocate for sustainable living and environmental preservation. Join our online course and be a part of the movement towards a greener and more sustainable future.

Skills You Will Gain

Discovering Major Ecosystems Unveiling Natural Resources Land and Water Resources Conserving Forest Resources Biodiversity Energy Resources Addressing Environmental Issues and Concerns Biodiversity Environmental Pollution and Hazards Effective Waste Management Tackling Global Environmental Issues Protecting Our Environment Policies and Practices Environmental Legislation Human Communities and Environment Environmental Ethics

Course Offerings

  • Prepare You for the Examination
  • Assignment Preparation Guidance
  • Last Year Exam Questions Discussion
  • Study Learning Material (Soft Copy)
  • Provision of Notes if Required
  • Interactive Classes Led by Teachers
  • Clarification of Doubts During Class
  • Access Recordings of Live Classes
  • Accessible on all Devices
  • Community Based Discussion Forum
  • Topics
  • Instructor (1)
  • Our Environment: Gain insights into the environment's concept, importance, and the relevance of environmental studies
  • Our Environment: Gain insights into the environment's concept, importance, and the relevance of environmental studies.
  •  Exploring Ecosystems: Dive into ecosystem types, functions, and their significance in our ecosystem
  •  Discovering Major Ecosystems: Explore diverse ecosystems prevalent on Earth and their unique characteristics
  • Land and Water Resources: Investigate the utilization, distribution, and conservation of essential land and water resources
  • Conserving Forest Resources: Discover the importance of forests, their distribution, and effective conservation strategies
  • Biodiversity: Values and Services: Learn about the value of biodiversity and practical conservation approaches
  • Energy Resources: Examine energy resources, their distribution, utilization, and conservation strategies
  • Biodiversity: Threats and Conservation: Analyze threats to biodiversity and explore conservation measures
  • Environmental Pollution and Hazards: Understand various forms of pollution, their sources, and their impact on the environment
  • Effective Waste Management: Explore eco-friendly waste disposal systems and their benefits for the environment
  • Tackling Global Environmental Issues: Investigate global concerns like climate change and ozone depletion, along with potential solutions
  • Environmental Legislation: Learn about existing environmental laws and their implications
  • Human Communities and Environment: Understand the intricate relationship between human communities and their surrounding environment
  • Environmental Ethics: Discuss ethical considerations related to the environment and sustainable practices

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