Learn Selenium Automation with Java

In this live online training, you are taught Selenium Automation using Java with expert trainers from the industry. Ideal even for beginners, you will learn from the basics. As the most preferred language Java is perfect for professionals who use Selenium. Join us for a trial session.

Live Course

Live Class: Tuesday, 01 Aug

Duration: 40 Hours

Enrolled: 22

Offered by: infyni



Live Course
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About Course

You need not have Java coding experience to start this course. Even non-programming candidates can take this course comfortably.

In this live online course all the Java and Selenium concepts are explained from scratch with clear examples and illustrations. All Installation setup including Java & Selenium is taken care as part of course. 

You need not have java coding experience to start this course. Even non Programming candidates can take this course comfortably.
Advantage with learning Java to run Selenium Automation :  
  1. Programs written in Java are faster than Pythoner than Python
  2. Using Selenium tests is easier because Java is more common in commercial applications than other programming languages like Python

Course includes real-time projects with practical solutions for a robust Selenium Framework building. You will be in a position to pick any website over the internet and automate it with all the possible test cases and gain the ability to design Pageobject, Datadriven, & Hybrid Automation Frameworks from scratch.

Course Offerings

  • Instructor-led interactive classes
  • Clarify your doubts during class
  • Access recordings of the class
  • Attend on mobile or tablet
  • Live projects to practice
  • Case studies to learn from
  • Lifetime mentorship support
  • Industry specific curriculum
  • Certificate of completion
  • Employability opportunity
  • Topics
  • Instructor (2)
  • Reviews
  • Installing Java
  •  Installing Eclipse
  • First Eclipse Project
  • First Java program
  •  Datatypes in Java
  •  String class and functions
  • Conditional Statements
  •   Loops
  •  Arrays
  • Single Dimensional Arrays
  •  Two Dimensional arrays
  •  Operators
  • Types Of Variables
  •  Access Modifiers – Public/Private/Default/Protected
  • Creating Objects in Java
  • Overloading and Overriding
  • Abstraction
  • Constructors
  • Interface
  • Inheritance
  • Encapsulation
  • Usage of OOPS in Automation
  • Collection Framework
  • Collection Interfaces
  • List
  • Set
  • Map
  • Usage of Collections in Automation
  • What is Selenium?
  • Who developed Selenium?
  • Selenium Components
  • Introduction to WebDriver
  • Installing Selenium WebDriver
  • Architecture of selenium Webdriver
  • Creating your First Script in Webdriver
  • Launching AUT in FireFox
  • Launching AUT in Internet Explorer
  • Launching AUT in Chrome
  • Launching AUT in Safari
  • Inspecting properties of Elements on different Browsers
  • What is XPath
  • When to Use XPath
  • Absolute XPath/Relative XPath
  • Specifying conditions with XPath
  • CSS Selectors
  • Browser
  • TextBox
  • ListBox
  • Links
  • Check Box
  • Radio Button
  • HTML Tables
  • Calendars
  • Action Class
  • KeyBoard Events
  • Drag & Drop Actions
  • Mouse Hover Action
  • Right Click, Double Click & Tool Tip
  • getwindowHandle()
  • getwindowHandles()
  • Switching between window
  • Handling elements present in different windows
  • Handling Alerts
  • accept()
  • dismiss()
  • getText()
  • sendKeys()
  • What is iFrame?
  • Locating Frames
  • Switching between Frames
  • Handling Frames
  • ImplicitWait
  • WebDriverWait
  • FluentWait
  • PageLoadTimeout
  • How to capture Screenshot
  • How to perform actions using JavaScript
  • Why do we need TestNG in Selenium?
  • Installing TestNG in Eclipse
  • Creating a New TestNG Test File
  • Test annotation
  • Running the Test
  • Checking reports created by TestNG
  • Generating HTML Reports
  • Annotations used in TestNG
  • Validating Tests with Assertions
  • Creating multiple Tests
  • Prioritizing Tests
  • Parameterizing Tests with dataProvider
  • TestNG dataProvider with Excel
  • Creating and Running Test Suites with TestNG.xml
  • Parallel Test Execution with TestNG
  • Cross Browser Testing using TestNG
  • Configuration of Apache POI
  • How to Read data from Excel File
  • How to Write data to Excel File
  • Overview of BDD and Cucumber
  • Configuration of Cucumber
  • Overview Of Gherkin Keywords
  • How to create Feature File
  • How to generate step Definition File
  • How to integrate Cucumber with Selenium WebDriver
  • Test Runner Class
  • What is POM
  • Why POM?
  • Advantages of POM
  • Creating POM Tests
  • What is Page Factory?
  • Creating Tests with Page Factory
  • What is Maven?
  • Creating Maven Project in Eclipse
  • Adding dependencies to POM.xml
  • Maven Integration with testing
  • How to create GIthub account
  • Git & Github Commands
  • How to add the code to Github
  • Configuration of Jenkins
  • Creating Jobs in Jenkins
  • Scheduling job in Jenkins
  • Configuring email notifications in Jenkins