Live Garba Dance Classes

Get ready to dance Garba with Infyni's live Garba Dance classes starting soon. Learn all the Garba moves perfectly with circles and twirls from our expert dance trainers. Meant for all levels, our Garba dance classes start with the basics for beginners so you can dance your best at Navarthri 2023.

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Live Course


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Infyni's Live Garba Dance Classes comes at the right time before Navrathri 2023 so that you have just enough time to learn this dance and perfect your moves. 

Taught by expert dance trainers our live online Garba dance classes are meant for beginners with no skills. After the basic moves and sequences the classes continue on to the advanced level with more intricate steps. In the end you will be confident to perform a well-choreographed dance routine for an audience. 

Garba is a charming, graceful exhilarating dance, one of India’s most popular traditional folk dances originating in Gujarat. 

t is an integral part of the Navaratri festival celebrations, which typically occur in September or October. Garba dance has gained immense popularity for several reasons:

Garba is deeply rooted in Gujarati culture and tradition. It is performed as a form of devotion to the goddess Durga during Navaratri, a Hindu festival that celebrates the triumph of good over evil. The dance represents the celebration of life and the victory of positivity and spirituality.

Garba is a dance that brings people of all ages, genders, and backgrounds together. It is an inclusive and unifying dance or art form that brings people together to celebrate and have fun.

In summary, Garba dance is popular because it embodies the spirit of celebration, inclusivity, and cultural heritage. Its vibrant music, colorful attire, and social nature make it a joyful and engaging activity that brings people together to celebrate life and tradition.

Enroll for Infyni's Live Garba Dance Classes to prepare for Navrathri 2023. 

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