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This live online course in SQL is a very popular course. Unlike prerecorded sessions, learning is easier when your trainer interacts with you in every class and answers your doubts on the spot. So join us for a free trial to try it.

Live Course

Duration: 25 Hours

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Offered by: infyni

Live Course


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About Course

We are surrounded by data everywhere. To record and store all these data in a particular place requires a huge space. Per minute across the world, we produce trillions of data. These spaces are called database.

This live online course in SQL is a basic to advanced training provided by instructors in a very interactive manner. 

It is very vital for us to learn this language as we will need it in any field where working with data is concerned. SQL (Structured Query Language) is a widely-used programming language for working with large collection of data called databases. 

Now, the question is how to retrieve our required data from such a massive database. The answer is SQL and the best part is that it is a language which is considered the easiest language as these are normal English sentences only with specified SQL keywords. 

We can play around with data like retrieve, update, insert, delete data as per our requirement. 

On course completion, it will give you the opportunity to step into a career of Data Analytics / Data Science roles. 

What you will learn at the end of the course : 

Basic SQL -


Data types and Constraints

Data and Database


Intermediate SQL 

Data Definition Commands

Data Manipulation Commands




Type conversion

 Advanced SQL



Exception Handling


Stored Procedure


Temporary Table

Window Functions


Skills You Will Gain

MySQL Database Management Data Analysis Business Intelligence Database Design Database Programming PHP Database Administration.
  • Topics
  • Instructor (1)
  • Introduction to SQL

  • Database
  • Create database
  • Delete and modify name in database

  • Table
  • Create table
  • Modify and delete table
  • Insert data into table
  • Select
  • Update
  • Delete
  • Update on two columns
  • Comments and square brackets utility
  • Insert several identical values at once
  • Column alias
  • Like
  • Top
  • Distinct
  • Comparison operators
  • In, not in, is, is not
  • Select into
  • And, or
  • Order by
  • Min, max, avg
  • Count, sum
  • Between
  • Group by
  • Having
  • Print
  • Joins Inner join
  • Left and right join
  • Full outer join
  • Cross join
  • Cross apply and Outer apply
  • Join with several tables
  • Update with join
  • Left join vs not in vs not exists
  • Except and intersect
  • Hint in joins
  • Case when
  • Format
  • Iif
  • Offset fetch next rows
  • Left and right
  • Trim, ltrim, rtrim, upper, lower
  • Substring
  • Len and replace
  • Choose
  • Coalesce
  • Union and union all
  • Drop if exists
  • Cast and convert
  • Try_convert and try_cast
  • Char and varchar
  • Int, smallint, bigint, tynint
  • Datetime2, datetime, date, smalldate
  • Add, modify, delete, rename a column
  • View
  • Stored procedure
  • Declare a variable in stored procedure
  • If / else and Waitfor
  • Charindex reverse replicate
  • Concat and concat ws
  • String split / stuff
  • Merge
  • Datename, datepart, getutcdate
  • Dateadd, datediff
  • Eomonth
  • CTE and derived table
  • CTE and semicolon
  • CTE and restriction
  • Name and columns in CTE
  • Several CTE in same request
  • CTE with view and stored procedure
  • Changing data via CTE
  • Several select in CTE
  • Definition and creation of schema
  • Function type table
  • Scalar function
  • Variable table
  • Global table
  • Temporary table
  • Intro on window functions
  • Over clause with Partition By
  • Row_number, dense_rank, rank, ntile
  • Aggregation with Ranking functions
  • Lag and Lead
  • Rows / Range Unbounded Preceding
  • First_values and Last_values
  • Truncate and Delete