Marma Therapy Course

Marma therapy, an integral part of Ayurveda, is a healing technique that involves the manipulation of vital energy points throughout the body to promote physical, mental, and emotional well-being. In this course, you will delve into the art and science of Marma therapy.

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Duration: 45 Hours

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About Course

Designing a comprehensive Marma therapy curriculum for 50 **Module 1: Introduction to Marma Therapy (2 hours)**

- Understanding the history and origin of Marma therapy.

- Explanation of the fundamental principles and philosophy behind Marma therapy.

- Introduction to the concept of energy points and their significance in the body.

**Module 2: Basic Principles of Marma Therapy (4 hours)**

- Identification of the 107 major Marma points and their locations on the body.

- Understanding the energy flow and importance of balancing the energy in the body.

- Introduction to Doshas (Vata, Pitta, Kapha) and their relevance in Marma therapy.

**Module 3: Anatomy and Physiology (8 hours)**

- Study of relevant human anatomy and physiology related to Marma points.

- Understanding the connection between Marma points and vital organs, nerves, and energy channels (Nadis).

- Safety precautions and contraindications when working with Marma points.

**Module 4: Therapeutic Techniques (10 hours)**

- Different techniques used in Marma therapy, including gentle touch, massage, and essential oils application.

- Hands-on practice of basic Marma therapy techniques on various parts of the body.

- Utilizing Marma therapy for common health issues and stress reduction.

**Module 5: Integrative Practices (6 hours)**

- Introduction to Ayurveda and its relation to Marma therapy.

- Incorporating Pranayama (breathing exercises) and Meditation in Marma therapy sessions.

- Understanding the role of diet and lifestyle in maintaining energy balance.

**Module 6: Specialized Marma Points (8 hours)**

- In-depth study and location of specific Marma points used for treating particular conditions, such as headaches, joint pain, digestive issues, etc.

- Practical sessions focusing on using specialized Marma points for targeted therapies.

**Module 7: Emotional and Energetic Healing (6 hours)**

- Understanding the connection between Marma therapy and emotional well-being.

- Techniques for clearing energy blockages and promoting emotional release.

- Exploring the spiritual aspect of Marma therapy and its connection to overall healing.

**Module 8: Integration and Practice (6 hours)**

- Reviewing the entire Marma therapy curriculum.

- Group discussions and case studies to analyze different scenarios and approaches.

- Practical sessions where students practice full Marma therapy sessions on each other.

**Module 9: Ethics and Client Management (2 hours)**

- Professional ethics and boundaries for Marma therapists.

- Communication skills and building rapport with clients.

- Managing client expectations and providing a safe healing environment.

**Module 10: Assessment and Final Exam (2 hours)**

- Evaluating students' understanding and practical skills through a final exam.

- Feedback and review of the course material.

Skills You Will Gain

Energetic Balancing Therapeutic Touch Self-Care Practices Holistic Healing Pain Management Relaxation Stress Reduction

Course Offerings

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