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With a dedicated relationship manager to assist you through every step, we make it easy for you to take live and virtual classes from anywhere in the world. Create your account as an instructor and start earning.

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Teaching on Infyni empowers you to focus on what you do best—teaching—while we handle the technicalities, supporting you every step of the way.

Reach Worldwide Audiences

Infyni provides you with a global platform to showcase your expertise. Connect with students from diverse countries and backgrounds, broadening your reach as an educator.

One-on-One or Group Classes

You have the flexibility to create your own curriculum, teach one-on-one sessions for personalized instruction or deliver group classes to reach a broader audience.

Dedicated Support

Enjoy a personalized journey with a dedicated relationship manager. They'll assist you through setup, course creation, and provide ongoing support, ensuring a smooth teaching experience.

Pricing Guidance

We provide valuable insights to help you price your courses competitively. Find the perfect balance between affordability for your students and revenue generation for yourself.

Enrollment Assistance

Our marketing team tirelessly promotes your courses to a global audience, bringing potential students to your classes.

Safe and Engaging Sessions

Each live session you host on Infyni comes with a dedicated moderator. They ensure a safe and respectful learning environment, handle technical issues, and support student engagement, allowing you to focus solely on teaching.

Transparent Earnings

Easily track your earnings with our user-friendly dashboard, gaining clarity on your revenue sources, including sales, promotions, and discounts.

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Share your skills on your terms, 1 - 1 or in groups. Craft your own curriculum. Create your schedule.


Make a meaningful impact on learners’ lives. Your expertise can change their future.


Grow your network globally. Promote your skills through Infyni and earn substantial income.

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