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Infyni has a wide range of courses with many choices for you to gain the skills that you are searching for. It provides online courses with flexible environment and convenient schedule at low costs. You can achieve self-discipline and responsibility through whichever course you choose. The online courses at Infyni offers many advantages to you like career advancement, hobby enhancement, improving technical or non-technical skills, and much more.
Once you enroll for course and log into Infyni, the enrolled sessions page displays all the sessions that you have enrolled for. You can choose any particular session made available as per the enrollment into the course and start course sessions at stipulated time.
These are sessions organized by Infyni in a live virtual classroom, where the session is conducted by the designated course instructor. Live sessions would be online sessions, yourself and the instructor would have to be online till the session lasts. Sessions would have been designated particular time duration within which you can interact with the instructor.
Displays the Session Recordings of entire course. You can login any time and view the recordings, it helps you excel in your learning.
Displays the details of completed courses. The recordings are available for reference at any point of time. You will have access to view session recordings, you can login any time to view.
If you have any query or doubts about the course, you can send message to the trainer. You can view the messages sent to trainer and the reply from the trainer.
You can view the course reviews that is displayed with course name, enrolled course date, status of – completed or ongoing course, review status of – completed or pending, and rating secured.
My profile gives a brief account of yourself. You can enter your educational details, upload your resume, upload video of your CV if any and also edit them as per your choice.
You can view detailed information with regard to Enrollment Summary, Referrals, you will be able to Change Password.
Lets you know about your enrollment number, enrollment date, payment status and amount pending so that it is clear for reference at any point of time.
Infyni has a referral scheme that you can avail by referring your friends and relatives to take up a course at infyni as it has a wide range of courses to offer. You can earn points by referring your contacts, who wish to take up a course at infyni. Details of new referrals can be entered under this tab.
Lets you to change your password for safe logging in.
You can view list of contests that are being held by You can enroll into any number of contests as per your competency. All Contests: You can view list of all contest held with all the details of when it will take place along with submission deadlines. Applied Contests:You can view the details of contests list that you have availed or taken up with submission date, time and also indication of the contest being submitted or not. Note: You have to log-in, to view details and sign in for the contest. The contests will be judged by a jury of judges and cash prize will be declared thereafter.