News and Upcoming Events

15 May 2023

infyni launches 2 new programs for High Schoolers

infyni launched 2 most popular courses in Technology for high school students.

20 Mar 2023

infyni student wins third place at State level

Parv Kale won First place in Robotics at the district level, going on to secure Third place at the Utah state level science fair.

20 Feb 2023

infyni signs MOU with Nalanda College of Engineering

infyni has been chosen by Nalanda College of Engineering, Nalanda to upskill & improve employability prospects for their graduates.

17 Feb 2023

infyni's expert SAT trainer acclimatizes at 14,000 ft

As the sun rises over Ladakh, Rohit Maiya acclimatizes for the Marathon over Lake Pangong.

16 Feb 2023

infyni's SAT Instructor heads to Ladakh for Marathon

All SAT students and the entire infyni team send their support to Rohit Maiya as he prepares to walk across the frozen Pangong Lake in Ladakh.

09 Feb 2023

Happy Valentines Day

A flower may last for a day, a skill lasts forever.

03 Feb 2023

World Cancer Day

Spreading awareness about the necessity of a healthy lifestyle on World Cancer Day falling on Feb 4.

12 Jan 2023

infyni conducts Faculty Development Program at Nalanda

infyni is conducting a series of training sessions for the Faculty at KK University, Nalanda.

08 Dec 2022

Infyni Addresses Fresh Graduates on Career Planning

In a survey carried out in India in 2020, 39% of employers in India say a skills shortage is the leading reason for vacancies in organizations.

12 Aug 2022

Infyni Opens Corporate Office in Gurgaon

Infyni Inc. announces the inauguration of its Corporate office in Gurgaon, Haryana.

11 Aug 2022

New Horizons & New Heights for Infyni

Tapas Kumar, National Head, OD & Operations for infyni talks about recent progress at the inauguration of the Corporate office.

21 Jul 2022

Opportunities from Africa

Africa is promising. Its time for India to engage.

26 May 2022

Crypto Currencies Dominate Davos 2022

As 2,000 and more leaders and experts from around the world meet at Davos for the World Economic Forum 2022, Crytpo currencies seemed to make headlines.

25 May 2022

Infyni Launches New Website for Kids Courses

Infyni is thrilled to announce the launch of a new website exclusively dedicated to Kids courses.

05 May 2022

India Tops Mobile Gaming Market

India has emerged as the country with the highest number of games downloaded per month in the world.

02 May 2022

Uttarakhand Leads in Setting New Education Policy

Uttarakhand Education Minister Dhan Singh Rawat laid out plans for a new education policy for the state.