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Our objective was to transform online education into a live, interactive and engaging experience. Today, we are ready with an all-inclusive platform that ensures the best customer experience.

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Soft skills

Soft Skill Training Emerging as a Crucial Skill

 According to the World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs Report, 50% of everyone employed will need some level of reskilling by 2025. Adoption of newer technology is the main reason..

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Why Parents Prefer Python Programming for Kids

Summer is around the corner and keeping kids engaged through the day is a task every parent mulls over. Advertisements.

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How AI is changing India’s farming sector

Twenty percent of India’s GDP comes from agriculture (services sector contributes 54% and industry, 26%). Moreover, more than 40% of.

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Are They Too Young


Why I chose to work for a Start-up

Given startups are not for the fainthearted, why would someone in the middle of their career decide to join a.

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